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Citing Sources: Home

A guide to web sites showing how to cite sources for your papers, presentations, and projects.


This guide contains lists of web sites developed by major universities and colleges to explain how to use various citation sources.  In addition Jarrett Library carries most of these guides in the library, so titles and call numbers are included when available.

Why Do We Cite Sources?

Free Citation Tools

Online citation generators do make some parts of crafting a citation easier... however, there are a few pitfalls to relying solely on these tools.

Tips for using Online Citation Generators:

  • Don't pay for something you can get for free. See our list below of several free online citation tools.
  • Make sure you are citing using the correct edition. Style manuals change with each new edition. Make sure your tool is using the most up-to-date edition.
  • The generator is only as good as the human who is entering the information. In other words, these things are subject to human error. Make sure you choose the correct type of resource, enter the information correctly (spelling, capitalization, etc), and provide all of the necessary information.

Ultimately, you are responsible for formatting your citations. Check your citations against an appropriate style manual (MLA, APA, Turabian, etc) to see if they look correct based on the examples. If you still aren't sure, come by the library information desk. We are always glad to help!

Free Citation Tools

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