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CJUS 1313: Juvenile Delinquency: Home

Guide to resources to support CJUS 1313: Juvenile Delinquency for the Fall 2010 semester.


This guide is designed to help connect you to library resources you need for CJUS 1313: Juvenile Delinquency research.  Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to each section.

If you have any questions or you get stuck, please "Ask a Librarian" in whatever way works best for you - or you can contact the author of this LibGuide directly - see the box with information on the far right of this page.

Course Description

This course is a survey and analysis of the nature and extent of juvenile delinquency in the United States. This course will examine the juvenile justice system, delinquency theories, the control of juvenile offenders, and programs for prevention. Prerequisites: SOCI 3303 or SOCI/CJUS 3304.

  Research Methods in Juvenile Delinquency

Remember that research is like a funnel - you'll start off broadly and then continue to narrow your topic so that both the resources you use and your final product are manageable.

When you first start a topic, particularly when it's a topic you're not familiar with, use an overview resource.  This will give you useful information such as names, terminology, subtopics, dates and more - and allow you to begin to narrow your topic.  In addition, many overview resources will provide you with a bibliography or list of resources recommended which gives you a great place to start your next phase of research.

Check TigerCat, the Jarrett Library online catalog, to see if the library owns any of the materials listed in the bibliographies you find.  If you find any of these resources check to see what subject headings they use so you can find other related sources.  Also, check to see if the authors of the materials have published anything else.  If something is listed in the bibliography you found but Jarrett Library doesn't own it put in an Interlibrary Loan request and we'll try borrow it from another library for your use.

If any of the materials on your bibliography list are journal articles then check Find A Journal by Title to see if Jarrett Library either owns or has access to these journals.  If not, you may also put in an interlibrary loan request at the same link as noted above.

Continue to search catalogs such as WorldCat or the Digital Library of Texas to find more books and similar materials.  Journal articles and other electronic materials can be searched through the wide variety of databases as well as print indexes and abstracts.

Of course, anytime you get stuck please Ask a Librarian!

For more detailed steps (as outlined above) see: Basic Library Research.

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